About Us

The Zen Clinic offers high-end beauty therapy at affordable prices. Its treatments are based on cellular rejuvenation, and it offers only the very best service for its customers.

The Zen Clinic offers something that many centers do not – its own brand of cellular regenerative creams and anti-aging serums, marketed worldwide under the name Zen Clinic. 

These creams, serums, and gels are based on collagen and stem cell DNA to bring out the best in your skin. Most importantly, they are FDA certified. 

The Zen Clinic also offers a comprehensive detox center that uses FDA-certified procedures to guarantee the best possible results. The system is safe and comprehensive. It keeps the patient’s dignity intact and makes the procedure as pleasant as possible. 

The Zen brand is a global brand whose parent company is SWISSmediscan. This company brings to the table some of the latest technologies and products in the beauty industry today. SWISSmediscan’s goal is to promote Zen products and services and become a household name around the world. 

Millions of dollars have been spent to product a flagship beauty center in Pattaya, Thailand (one of Asia’s top tourist destinations) that offers exclusive beauty procedures and treatments from H.I.F.U, PRP, and Colon and Liver Detox, as well as showcasing Zen’s Exclusive line of products.

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