About Us

The Zen Clinic offers high-end Medical Rejuvenation & Beauty Therapy at affordable prices. We provide Male & Female Hormone Balancing and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We provide Body Scan and Ultrasound to assist in treatment planning. Our treatments are based on cellular rejuvenation, and it offers only the very best service for its customers.

The Zen Clinic also offers a comprehensive Detox Center that uses FDA-certified procedures to guarantee the best possible results. The system is safe and inclusive. It keeps the patient’s dignity intact and makes the process as pleasant as possible.

The Zen brand is a global brand with the technology support SWISSmediscan. this company brings to the table some of the latest technologies and products in the Medical Rejuvenation & Beauty industry today.

Millions of dollars have been spent to produce a flagship Regenerative specialized Medical & Beauty center in Pattaya, Thailand (one of Asia’s Top Medical Tourist Destinations) that offers exclusive Medical & Medical procedures and treatments from H.I.F.U, PRP, and Colon and Liver Detox, as well as showcasing Zen’s Exclusive line of products.

Zens Clinic Partner Laboratory is GMP certified and specialize in MSCs, Nk Cell and other state of Art cellular therapies utilizing GMP guidelines.  

Junior Mcinnes the Founder of Zen Clinic strangely enough is not a Doctor however is a young man who’s determination has taken him to become a World Karate Champion and a business mogul has invested heavily in regenerative Medical projects. In 2017 Junior joined hand with a group of medical experts to form the Zen Medical Center the purely specializes in regenerative medicine. The Zen Clinic has had pronominal success in treating hundreds of OA and degenerative related illnesses intern giving patients a better quality of life. 



Zen Clinic offers customized Cellular therapy to meet your individual needs.

Zen Clinic is a full service, functional medicine and integrative health care practice. 

At Zen Clinic we believe the key to the most effective cell therapy is through a combination approach that addresses not only the problem but also all of the factors that have contributed to your discomfort or related illness.

As each patient’s situation is different, each therapy option must be tailored around their specific needs. This is why Zen clinic offers access to individualized therapy plans which consist of targeted administration methods to target each part of the body that the complications exist as well as full service functional rehabilitation and diet/ lifestyle modification, at Zen Clinic we believe that preventative medicine is the key to longevity.

Zen Clinics combination approach enables the delivery of vital healing micronutrients and essential functional rehab in an effort to maximize the healing properties of the targeted individually tailored cell therapies.

At Zen Clinic our goal is to provide maximum benefit from cell therapy and improve our patient’s overall health therefore significantly improving one’s quality of life.

Note: although we have supplied links to the research journals above on the use of stem cells for specific conditions, we are not saying that any of these studies would relate to the readers or any patients particular condition or the therapy Zen Clinic would provide for the patients, nor that it would cure the said illness or disability. 

Although Stem Cell therapy is used globally around the world under specific supervision of medical practitioners due tot he success in its ability to increase the quality of life where other therapies have failed. Currently today Stem Cell therapy is still in the grey area of medicine and is not an FDA approved therapy for any condition in most parts of the world.

At Zen we provide Cell therapy (less than manipulated) as a service and as a practice of medicine only based on the patient individual requirements based on a medical practitioners advice and direction. 

Any journal articles attached to this site are for educational purposes only and are not intended to be used to sell or promote our therapy, Zen’s Clinic’s therapies are individually developed based on each patients requirements. 

All medical procedures performed by Zen Clinic Doctors have a success and failure rate. Success stories and patients videos on www.Zen-clinic.com should not be used as fact for the effectiveness of our treatments for every single individual.