Blood Therapy Joints & Genitals

Xcell Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that accelerates healing making you look, and feel younger.

Xcell autologous, pluripotent therapy is immunologically neutral, so minimal risk of allergy, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions. Autologouse means only your blood and cells are used with no chance of infection. sterile techniques are used at every stage of preparation. 

Please complete your medical pre-assessment form thoroughly. Include all your health problems and, what you want from treatment. Your form will be examined carefully to ensure the treatment is safe for you. 

Blood tests are required before therapy to make sure you do not have health problems. These blood test can be taken in your hometown if you are traveling for treatment, which may save time and money. These are rare cases when a patient must be denied treatment because of medical contraindications. 

Contraindications for Cell Therapy include:

  • Infections, especially those associated with fever or discharge.
  • Cancer, active or in remission.
  • High levels of tumor markers or low levels of platelets or white cells in your blood.

Before blood cell therapy

  • Increase you intake of clear water to 2.5 liters for 24 hours prior to the treatment 
  • Eat healthy, fresh food for two days before treatment.
  • Optimize multi-vitamins for one week, ideally Vitamin C, Co-enzyme 10 and fish oil.
  • Medications for 7 days, should be only those advised by your physician (No street or recreational drugs).
  • Please abstain from alcohol for two days before therapy.
  • Vaccinations such as tetanus or influenza should be avoided for 4 weeks before hand.
  • Mild to moderate daily physical activity such as walking or cardio exercise is advised for 2 days prior. Avoid exhaustion, overworking, parties and excessive physical activity.
  • Fast for a minimum of 8 hours before blood harvesting, but keep drinking water. If you become unwell before your treatment or if you have any concerns or problems please contact the clinic. You may need to reschedule your treatment.

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