Before going to the Zen Clinic, I had previous treatments on my hand.

The difference at Zen Clinic was the extra technology, medical care, and the pre and post detailed treatment information I received. I am impressed with the time, care, and attentiveness, the medical staff, took to ensure I received the best treatment to achieve maximum recovery.

I would recommend the Zen Clinic for any bone & Joint treatments and their remarkable technology, medical care, and service”

“Mr. Volkan Oezdemir”
#7 Light Heavyweight UFC

When I had my knee failure meniscus stage 2, constant pain and poor night sleeps as results from a meniscus failure, I had my knee examinate in Bangkok pty hospital, they couldn’t help me any further and didn’t wanted to replace my knee yet, I got desperate as I didn’t want to live with pain all the time, then I got introduced to Zen Clinic and went down for a meeting with there doctor and medical team and brought my MRI results with me to clear my case, the doctors recommend me at Zen to start with PRP treatment first to see if it would  support my case and if it will help me to get better.

After the first PRP treatment I did feel some improvements right away and my pain reduce alot less Then I had bought a Package of 4 times and when through all the treatment I can honestly say from limping around I have improvement 80% and I have no more pain and I am mobile again. As PRP is a temorary solution I will now considering to go for MSCs treatment which is even better and it will help me to have 1 or 2 treatment per year which Keep me up and running with a 95% improvement on when my meniscus gave up over 8 months ago.

“Mr. Johan Lebbing”

I attended stem cell treatments at Zen Cell Rejuvenation primarily to address knee problems. Prior to PRP and adipose treatments, I was prescribed and used pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the symptoms. Following the stem cell treatments, I experienced a 60% improvement in pain and mobility and discontinued the use of medication. The medi-scan was enlightening, providing an awareness of physiological concerns I was not aware of and which were also dealt with. I am impressed with the attentiveness of the clinic’s staff and the remarkable follow-up service.

“Mr. Randy Erickson”

“Before going to the Zen Clinic. I had extreme pain in my knees and feet. I had used rather heavy painkillers in the past nothing was working. A few weeks after treatment at the Zen clinic not only was I pain-free, but I was able to have the same flexibility I had in my earlier years”.

“Mr. Bob Sapp”

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

I have MSCs Therapy with PRP treatments at Zen Cell Rejuvenation after I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Disk Disease. Three months later,  I feel 75% plus better. This is truly amazing medicine as I have been living with pain for a good 20 years. My movements are much more free and easy instead of shiff and crippled, I recommend everyone to research MSCs therapy and to contact Zen Cell Rejuvenation.

“Mr. Kenneth Somers”


Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

Zen Clinic was fantastic. The hole experience was great and the MSCs Therapy was 100% Success. I would go as far as to say it’s saved my life. I recommend Zen Clinic.

“Mr. Tony Garraway”

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

For years I had limited range of motion, pain after exercising and general discomfort. I finally scheduled an initial consultation at Zen clinic. The extremely knowledgeable Doctor, recommended the correct procedure for me. The procedures were not only cost effective but functionally effective as well.

I am now blessed with a full range of motion and I am able to exercise as I did 15 years ago. I would like to commend Zen clinic and their staff for their professionalism and most importantly they’re effective treatment protocols. I highly recommend them.

“Mr. Frank P”

I have been to several spa’s but my experience at Zen clinic and beauty spa was amazing right from the beginning when I was welcomed by the staff then taken over to the Spa Room it was very VIP, the rooms were very nice and well decorated and the therapist was very professional, they have many choices of scrubs all that smelt so good and were gentle to the skin, after the body scrub my skin felt so soft and looked radiant. I would definitely recommend Zen to all my family and friends, if your in pattaya visiting Zen is a must!

“Mrs. Olivia Lambert”

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

I’m a 80 year old male from America. I was diagnosed with COPD which is a combination of Asthma and emphysema by the Veterans Administration. I asked what could be done and was told nothing and my lungs would getting worse and worse and i would die from lack of Oxygen. The Va then put me on 24 hours a day on Oxygen. As I was taught to overcome or adapt to any situation by the Military I did some research and thought I would try Cellular Therapy and see what will happen. At that time only three countries did Cellular Therapy. Germany, Mexico and Thailand. And I had lived in Thailand before so I choose to move there. I found a clinic that was in Pattaya where I lived and tried them. They used my Cellular Therapy and then another person Cellular Therapy. Neither time it did much for me. I was also having problems with my knees and the bangkok hospital informed me that the cartilage had worn away. I was thinking of having knee replacement done when I met one of the owners of the Zen Clinic and he suggested PRP. I had never heard of it before but decided to give it a try. Had it done and now my knee doesn’t hurt any longer. I also gave Cellular Therapy a try and now I’m no longer on Oxygen. I still have some problems with my lungs but they are much better than before. Next Year I’m having the larger dose done cant wait.

“Mr. Roger Moen”

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

We visited the Zen Clinic in late November after a few friends had spoken highly of the professionals/medical staff there and the success they had with MSCs over the past couple of years.

1- Erik has very bad arthritis in both his knees. After an in depth consultation with the director and doctor, we decided he would get the MSCs therapy. We are so very pleased with the results of the therapy because in less than two weeks, after him suffering with chronic pain for over three years, his pain is virtually GONE. He still feels his knees but that will improve over time as the MSCs rejuvenate but he has no pain.

2- When I received the results of my blood tests, I found out that I am low on hormones. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 45 years old. I was put on HRT at that time. Fifteen years later, in 2013, my new family doctor back home in Canada advised me that a woman my age (60 at the time), did not need any further HRT so he took me off of it, inferring that old women don’t need hormones. Over the next few years, I gradually started feeling tired, depressed and not sleeping properly. The director and doctor reviewed all my test results this morning and suggested some therapies which I begin on Wednesday, to help me get back to feeling like my “old” self again.

We rate this awesome clinic 5 ***** stars. I would recommend Zen Clinic to everyone and anyone looking to improve their health and all over well being. 

“Mrs. Rose Robinson & Mr. Erik Hansen” 

I met Sifu at Route 66 Motorcycle store on pattaya klang when i was buying my Harley Davidson Ultra glide. During a regular service on my Ultra I mentioned to him that I had recently hurt my knee during training and Sifu recommended Zen Clinic MSCs Therapy. I had been to local hospitals in Pattaya and had a MRI scan and the doctor there could not see any major problems and I did not like the idea of going for a surgery that could leave me in a worse state than I already had. So I went to Zen Clinic and had one treatment of MSCs and after three months 98% of my pain in the knee was gone. The 2% left is just in my head knowing I did damage my knee and I am now gentle on it. I would like to thank both the Doctor and the Nurse for there professionalisms and hospitality they really did take excellent care of me and I recommend Zen clinic will help you as well.

“Mr. Jens Jensson”

Zen Clinic Thailand Pattaya

My experience at the Zen Clinic outstanding super modern with state of the art medical technology, this centre is ahead of its time I myself and my son have had some treatments, with excellent staff trained nurses, As well as Doctors who are with you from start to finish. I can highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of improving your health then come and see for yourself from extrema athletes to your common person.

 “Mr. Alex Kastamonitis”
Yoshin martial arts

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

I’m feeling about 100% better then the first time i came to Zen Clinic. MSCs really changed me. The staff are really friendly and very professional in what they do. Yes I recommend Zen clinic to others and i know that Zen Clinic can help you too.

“Mr. Melvin Nikolai”

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

I came to Zen Clinic 3 months ago for MSCs Therapy for my Hip and for Testosterone Replacement Program. MSCs Therapy has helped my hip 99.9%. I’m able to walk faster and better without pain . I really recommend this therapy with Zen Clinic . The staff and the doctor are very professional.

“Mr. Hordur Ingolfsson”

Zen Clinic, Pattaya Thailand

I had a tremendous experience here at Zen clinic with both cellular therapy and PRP. I’ve had an increase energy level, stamina and muscle tone. The Beneficial effects on the PRP treatments for facial and joints. I highly recommend Zen Clinic

“Mr. Carl Rosenstein”

I was impressed with the clinic overall. Very professional and friendly staff. I am looking forward to the results of the Stem cell procedure and will recommend the clinic to family and friends.

 “Mr. Crow Duran”

Zen Clinic, Thailand

Since I started coming to Zen clinic. I have seem many improvements in myself. I’m starting to walk around more. I feel like I have more energy. The Service they give me is awesome. The staff are very professional. Zen clinic I give you 5 stars.

“Mr. William Jackson”

I was referred to Zen over 18 months ago for a prostate cancer check-up. Yes, the initial PSA reading at 10.8% showed definite signs of Prostate Cancer.
All of my other blood tests were taken and most proved to be ‘middle line’ in every item. Obviously every person who has cancer checks; becomes anxious before receiving the results. The entire experience with Zen provided all of the confidence needed to be very positive about the ongoing situation. This was immediately put into perspective by Dr Mai. With every, measure taken and ongoing results would determine the very best way forward for me.
My latest PSA results March 14th 2020 showed that my PSA level had dropped to 7.24%! Quite amazing. Plus the fact that all of my other blood tests still show ‘middle of the road’ results. This has now turned into a two monthly process and I feel confident this will again drop down to three monthly after my next reading. I am totally assured that the confident, professional and caring role of the entire staff at Zen Clinic saved me months of anxiety Obviously finance has a part to pay. Happily everything was pretty easily affordable as no dire and unnecessary (expensive) steps were taken.
There were some other personal issues that I shared with Dr. Mai. His understanding along with a very small assistance from his prescribed one ‘tablet’ a day and another, to take ‘when in need’ has led me into a much better quality of life Obviously the confidence and trust that I enjoy with Zen plays a very great part in my everyday life. I also recommended Zen to my neighbour and friend, who had a stem cell construction on his knees. His appraisal certainly followed my own feelings as he has benefited immensely.
My History. I have always been a very ’well and healthy’ person and played professional rugby in England, France, New Zealand and Australia for 21 years. This included playing at club and international level and also in the 1975 World Cup. I was almost injury free during this career but would say that the standard at Zen would rank alongside some of the specialists and sports clinics that I consulted with during my career. In closing I certainly feel that the attitude and measures taken by all at Zen Clinic has certainly enabled me to sustain exceptional calm and positivity.

“Mr. Peter Banner”

My experience with Zen Clinic was one of the best I’ve ever had, My family has been attending with Zen Clinic for about 2 years now. I’ve had many types of different treatments and I can say that I was really satisfied with everyone of them, the staff are very kind and extremely professional, the doctor have always been very professional and always managed to resolve all my needs and problems. I attended different face treatments, stem cells, colon detox, different consultations and blood exams and I have to say that in all these years that I’ve attended Zen Clinic all the staff and Doctor has become a family to me.

“Mrs. Nadejda” 

Zen Clinic Pattaya Thailand

Zen Clinic helped me from my foot pain, now I dont have any pain. The Staff are very friendly and very professional and very clean place. We will come back again for sure! Thank you Zen Clinic

“Mr. Alfano Tommaso”

“Mr. Ademir Sidnei Ferrgira Da Costa”

“Mr. Sugihara Masayasu”