Personally Designed Regenerative Program

Personally Designed Regenerative Program (DRP)

Duration: 3 to 12 months

Based on our Platinum Regenerative Metabolic Enhancement Program and our Sports Enhancement Program (DRP) is a fully medically confidential personally designed and supervised program designed to focus on specific medical areas.

Imagine having more energy, clarity of thought and improvement in well-being. Allowing you to be more energetic and producing optimal performance at the work and play!

A fully medically confidential supervised program over two months to investigate and benchmark your current metabolic levels. Optimizing your vitality, assisting aging intelligently and increasing longevity!

A medical report and advised medication will be provided while you are away from the Zen Clinic. Over the following 12 months, you have access to our medical staff either physically or online to advise and adjust your metabolic levels focusing on your current sport.

We aim to optimize your vitality by assisting and reviewing your current medical conditions and intelligently increasing your longevity!

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