“Before going to the Zen Clinic, I had previous treatments on my hand

The difference at Zen Clinic was the extra technology, medical care, and the pre and post detailed treatment information I received

I am impressed with the time, care, and attentiveness, the medical staff, took to ensure I received the best treatment to achieve maximum recovery.

I would recommend the Zen Clinic for any bone & Joint treatments and their remarkable technology, medical care, and service”

-Volkan Oezdemir –
#7 Light Heavyweight UFC


Bob Sapp

I attended stem cell treatments at Zen Cell Rejuvenation primarily to address knee problems. Prior to PRP and adipose treatments, I was prescribed and used pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the symptoms. Following the stem cell treatments, I experienced a 60% improvement in pain and mobility and discontinued the use of medication. The medi-scan was enlightening, providing an awareness of physiological concerns I was not aware of and which were also dealt with. I am impressed with the attentiveness of the clinic’s staff and the remarkable follow-up service.

– Randy Erickson –