V.I.P Gold Card

The gold card is just called VIP card the following is the information.
By applying for A ZEN VIP card Will open the doors for unique service offering up to 15% discount on certain treatments in both our medical center and the Zen beauty clinic.

Your VIP card has a unique personal membership number that enables our staff to ensure that you are treated as a VIP member and also receive discounts in all SWISSmediscane related establishments and Zen clinics associated to SWISSmediscane around the world.

By presenting your Zen VIP card to reception, you will receive the said discounts available for your card In relation to the treatment package.

To receive your VIP card it is a very simple process of supplying just your name, address, email, contact number and your card Will be issued on the spot and immediately activated so you may receive your discount packages. How ever to qualify for your gold card you need to have purchased a treatment packages totalling more than 10,000 baht with 2 months period.

Your privacy is our main concern and we do not sell our data or client information to any Third-party. Please note that the company SWISSmediscan Has the right to change, increase or decrease any discount packages at any given time related to this VIP card.


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