ZEN Cosmetics

The Zen collection is among the world’s very best Cellular rejuvenation cosmetic products, designed and based on the latest technology using cellular DNA to format a cosmetic product that you truly feel the benefit from. The Zen cell rejuvenation system is truly designed for the select few and consists of four parts: eye cream 50 ml, Day Cream 50ml, Night Cream 50ml, Anti-Ageing Serum 100ml. The eye cream 50ml is genetically designed to increase the collagen, elasticity and the brightness of the skin texture surrounding the eyes. The Day cream 50ml is specifically designed to protect the face and enhance your beauty during the harsh environment of what they day may bring, regardless of the temperature weather atmospheric condition. The Zen Day cream contains a natural resistance to the harsh UV rays of the sunlight, which in turn increases collagen and cellular growth rate of the skin to enhance beauty and Re-vitalize the facial tissue leaving a radiant visual appearance. The Zen Night cream 50 ml. When we sleep the body recovers and so does our bodies skin, The Zen DNA cellular formulation is designed and formulated to recover any cellular damage from the previous day and generates regrowth that stimulates the skin cells on the face, so as in the morning when you wake Your skin is fully recovered back to its youthfulness and dynamic appearance, ready to take on the world… The Zen Anti-Ageing Serum 100 ml, This genetically designed cell rejuvenation serum is second to none, which generates a chain reaction of regrowth and cell regeneration deep within the skins textures creating a youthful appearance and tightening the skin to remove wrinkles and blemishes that comes with age. This Zen formulation is based on stem cell regeneration and collagen stimulation to give an ageless look. Your Zen cell rejuvenation products come packaged in a beautiful leather case with the brass and gold plated logo displaying the ancient symbol of Zen. This makes The Zen cosmetics line unlike all others on the market today, as we believe that the packaging of the product must be as timeless as Zen itself and its centuries of tranquility.


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